How we can help you

Vision Sustainability Impact

We help organisations focus on their vision and values, developing their financial sustainability and have ensuring maximum impact. We work with social enterprises, charities, not-for-profit organisations and small and medium companies with a desire to make a positive difference.


Embedding vision and values

Many organisations articulate their vision but fewer have these at the heart of their value proposition.  Our team have founded and grown a number of social enterprises where values were central to purpose, brand, leadership, recruitment, behaviours, training and more. In our experience, values are a key driver of success. 

Our team work to develop vision and embed values at the heart of organisations.  We have successful experience in ensuring values are understood and form part of behaviours right across an organisation, from front line services to the Board and all points in between.

Business development

Successful social enterprise requires a clear understanding of your market, who will purchase your services and how you value the social impact and financial benefits of what you deliver.

Our team have spent careers in the third sector designing and devlivering services that deliver social mission and that appeal to funders and commissioners.  

We support charities, social enterprises and SMEs with business development, service design and winning tenders and bids.  We also help form partnerships between organisations who can work together to win work and deliver great services and solutions.

Review impact and operations

Charities and social enterprises often find it hard to gain an objective view of the impact of their work, the structure and performance of their operations or the robustness of key processes such as safeguarding and risk management.

Our team have worked together to create enterprises that had to demonstrate impact and quality, manage high levels of risk, work with vulnerable people and much more.

We deliver rapid and effective impact or operational reviews.  We can review policies and processes and implement effective changes.

Strategic planning

Between our team members we have facilitated strategy planning for over 30 organisations.  This ranges from working with a small group, through team away days, to large events with multiple stakeholders and partner organisations.

We like to co-design your strategy planning process with you and your team to make sure that your get the most from it and take leadership of the outcomes yourselves

Leadership Coaching

Leadership is key to the success of organisations. We regularly coach CEOs and senior leaders.  One of us will meet every month or two and explore issues that are current for you, as well as focus on your long term organisation and leadership development priorities.

We also specialise in helping emerging leaders get clear about their leadership qualities in advance of stepping up into CEO or other senior roles.


"I became CEO of a small charity aged 38 and since then has had regular leadership coaching.  It is a get feedback, challenge, support and a space to share difficult issues.  I can’t imagine being in leadership without this".  

Patrick Nash, director of enterprise values and CEO of two charities and two social enterprises


Raising finance

We have raised finance for a large number of social enterprises and other ventures. These days, there is a lot more choice of finance available for charities and social enterprises.

We will help put together a range of funding options for a new project or business opportunity. And then work with you to secure the finance that best fits the project need.  

We have worked with crowdfunding, enterprise grants, bank loans, structured finance, social investment, private equity and much more.


Marketing and issues management

Growing an enterprise, demonstrating impact, building partnerships and winning contracts all require innovative marketing.

Our team develop marketing approaches to these and other challenges and requirements. We understand the role that digital and social play, as well as how to integrate your brand as a lived experience across all your customer, service user and stakeholder engagement.

We have significant experience of issues management, where there is a risk or reality of reputational impact.